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MYFORM Group is a leading technology, manufacturing, marketing & consulting group.

Working with customers to address today’s complex, challenging and multidisciplinary needs.

The Group is active in the Defense; Homeland Security; Critical Infrastructure and Emergency verticals, with extensive collaborations with advanced technologies and solution providers worldwide.

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Our epitome is the ability to provide out of the box thinking with multi-disciplinary expertise; all based on decades of experience.

Our Customers rely on our leadership and expertise, to provide more than products.

Our Products are ISO certified, our ballistic products adhere to NIJ or other applicable standards, we follow all regulatory export regulation as may be required on a case by case basis. MyForm also Comply with the European compliance regulations. Per our commitment to quality, we follow a comprehensive production and QA protocol. The products go through ballistic and/ or lab testing all to ensure the delivery of products that meet our reputation and our commitment to our customers.

The Group was established as a Defense Textile factory, establishing its reputation as a high quality delivering improved protection and design products. Since then the company have grown to include additional Defense and protective gear manufactured as well as the supply of integrated solutions under the Mission Gear and Kits Division. Today the Group is operating in more than 20 different countries supporting customer with its diverse offering. 

In 2017 the Group added a new member to the Group. MF Group Bulgaria, that is targeting the supply of advance emergency, riot and mission kits to military and first responders forces with focus on Europe. This in order to widen the offering for its Military, Security and public safety clientele.

Today MyForm Group is operating as a manufacturer and an integrator enabling our customers to engage us for wide and integrated set of solutions, benefiting from the widen view and experience our team brings to the table.


At MYFORM Group you will find the broader view that often can change the face of the expected outcome.

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