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Boundary Secuirty Planing

Threats, illegal immigration and crime make buffer zone protection a global priority. Security officials, planners and engineers play a key role in enhancing homeland security and defense. Security planners face a formidable challenge when designing defense arrays around airports, seaports, borders, military sites, oil and gas plants and other critical infrastructure. Planners have the responsibility to design defense arrays that optimize complex technological, operational, budgetary and other constraints facing them. Each security site brings a unique set of challenges.

MyForm addresses this challenge using a proprietary planning technology. We provide analytical and planning tools, site modeling, analysis, and design services to perform security layouts of territory, borders or critical infrastructure sites. 


With MyForm Planning suite, placement of fences, sensor towers, response units, cameras and radar locations for each site is done by using a process of scientific and mathematical analysis to produce low risk solutions that are presented to the security professional to implement.

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