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Type 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Dry particle Suit

Made from a highly breathable anti-static SMS fabric which utilizes the latest developments in micro-fiber technology to ensure good filtration efficiency, offers protection from particles, perfect for working with asbestos, powders and general direct and dust with added light liquid spray protection.


Type 3 EN14605 Light Liquid Suit

One of the lightest and most comfortable chemical protective garments on the market today
Featuring a soft and flexible 3-layer fabric, strong ultrasonically welded seams and an effective chemical barrier against most inorganic chemicals


Type 3 EN14605 Liquid Suit

Unique multi-layer barrier fabric which is renowned for its lightweight textile feel and exceptional barrier to highly concentrated chemicals and biological agents.
Outer barrier film layer increases chemical repellence and reduces risk of degradation. Suitable for use in Ex-Zones


Type 5 EN ISO 13982

1 Dry particle Suit


Type 3 EN14605

Light Liquid Suit


Type 3 EN14605 

Liquid Suit

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