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Mission Statement

Our staff at MyForm is committed to developing and fostering long term working relationships with our clients by providing them with total quality service in the areas of Specialized Security; Threat & Vulnerability Assessments; VIP Protection and Tactical Training. Our goal is to ensure that each client receives the high level of personalized training services they expect when contracting with a professional service provider.

Our Purpose

The list of security-related concerns preoccupying today's public safety officials seems to grow each year and the need for trained opperators is becoming a growing concern. Complacency is not a strategy, and with the elevated uncertainty, it has become important to address any related gaps ahead of the curve. MyForm training team is geared to provide Specialized training for Law Enforcement & Military personal, Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism team, Security, Government, and Corporate Sectors worldwide.

Our Capabilities

MyForm provide its clients and partners with a variety of specialized security training programs, with a multitude of customized training designed to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. In order to respond to these needs with the highest level of quality service, MyForm have built within our organization 4 different tracks, each with developed syllabus and operational guidelines.

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