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Water Solutions

Aquagen Portable / Tactical

Aquagen is a portable, back packed, manually operated, water purification solution, producing Potable water from any water source. Aquagen turns water from any water source available into safe drinking water with no need for power source.


Online Monitoring

The safety and quality of drinking water supplied to consumers by water treatment plant operators is dependent upon many factors: quality of raw water (surface water and/ or ground water), application of appropriate treatment technology/purification (as required), and monitoring water within the water distribution system network.

MyForm Online monitoring solutions deployment within a distribution system combined with a strong centralized (or mobile) Lab capability provides a cost effective means to detect anomalous changes in the baseline water quality.

MyForm Water Monitoring framework provides all that you need to monitor the integrity of your water supply.

Water Treatment

MyForm provides end-to-end solutions for water and waste water treatment, to global customers. With domain expertise & proprietary technology we aim to provide tailor made, complete solutions in order to help our customers reduce, reuse or recycle water & waste water.

Water distribution begins at a treatment facility. These plants utilize a multi-step process that makes the water safe for drinking and other crucial uses. Without the removal of waste products and other contaminants, the water that leaves the facility and go into the water network, these water may poses a risk to the community.

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