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Emergency Medicine

TreeTac is  an emergency medicine solution provider, based on more than 20 years of experience as tactical paramedics, ballistic experts and equipment designers, TreeTac products are  providing a systematic approach for tactical  medical response including Methodology, Training and Equipment. 

Cutting edge Design

Designed for Professional use

Advance and customized medical equipment

Highest quality & Finish

Compact & modular Design

Highest Textile standards and durability

Smart Design - Treatment Logic, hidden pockets & back system

Versatile packaging configuration

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Training and Consulting

Emergency medicine, medics and paramedics are required to obtain specialist skills in resuscitation, diagnosis and treatment in the acute phase of injury. With the right skill set and training in emergency medicine and a wide range of procedural and technical skills, emergency medicine trainees will be able to provide care for injuries in a wide range of operational scenarios. TreeTac training and consulting services enable customers for the buildup of such capabilities.

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