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Balistic Protection

MyForm ballistic composite materials encapsulates over 30 years of experience in ballistics and materials. Our products are used in a wide variety of armor applications, including military and law enforcement vests, helmets, vehicle armor and more. We develop innovative solutions to drive the highest protection with weight reductions in armor systems, enabling users to be more effective in extreme situations. Our materials are designed with improved survivability and user productivity .

Myform’s lightweight ballistic plates are ranging from 1.45 kg NIJ III polyethylene plates up to 3.3 kg NIJ IV+ ceramic plates. In conjunction with NIJ IIIA Body Armor or standalone plate.

Our ballistic composite materials are used in a variety of soft and hard body armor applications for police, military and VIPs, including:

  • Concealable and tactical vests

  • Breast plates

  • Protective outer garments (POGs)

  • Protective under garments (PUGs)


Our materials are also used in hand shields, ballistic cases, bomb blankets and more.

Employing unique technology which adds more efficient compression stress into the Armor Plates, enabling the use of thinner ceramic plates. Thinner ceramics means saving on weight & thickness.

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Reduction of total weight of the armor plate

Improving Multi-hit capability, and results in stopping more bullets in a single plate and enabling less distance between shots

Overall thinner armor plate, and improving wearability and comfort for the user

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