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Field of Expertise:

In line water and waste monitoring

Lab and portable testing equipment for all chemical and biological tests of liquids.

Dosing pumps and stations for chlorination of water and waste

Water treatment technologies including UV, Ozone and Ultrafiltration

In line water and waste monitoring sensors and systems

MyForm have teamed with leading Water Technology companies to introduce a new line of

advanced sensor array,  Measuring on-line any chemical or biological parameter in the water


PH, Conductivity, ORP, Chlorine, Turbidity, TSS, COD, Uv abs,

Nitrate, Fluoride, Cyanide, Chlorides, Oil in water and more

Our sensors are known for their reliability, long life time and

very low maintenance requirements.


  •  BAS  best available sensor (long life, maintenance min maintenance)

  • Local data logging, monitoring and immediate control on site (allow shutdown incase  of incidents)

  • Smart calculations of few incidents at the same time. For example – high Turbidity with low chlorine and low ORP

  • Analogue/Modbus to TCP/IP data transfer – secured communication

  • Central control room -  immediate notifications and actions

  • Optional GIS


Water and wastewater treatment technologies

  • UV for water disinfection

  • Ozone for organic oxidation and micropollutants treatment

  • UF systems for absolute filtration of solids, bacteria and viruses

  • Special enzymes for micro pollutants treatment

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