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Providing a Comprehensive Riot Management solutions and supporting police and public safety forces

meet today’s challenges.


Less Lethal Ammo.

Hand thrown and launchable grenades with high and rapid flow tear gas smoke emission, our  grenades operate in two stages with up to three effects.

After throwing or launching they.

After release, the grenade explodes after  Few seconds, emitting “High Flow” of CS smoke and creating a deterrent stunning noise accompanied by dispersion of either CS powder, rubber pellets, coloring agents, or sticky gel.

The body of The grenades is made of composite fiberboard, hence, there is no fragmentation or injury when it explodes.


Multi Barrel mounted Launchers

When facing extensive riots or in cases of particularly violent demonstrations MyForm  offers a Multi Barrel Launcher (MBL).

The MBL delivers long range intensive force of non-lethal means in a short time. 

The MBL system can be mounted on a vehicle, providing mobility as well as the ability to carry a significant amount of ammunition. 

The high mobility and firepower delivered by the system can reduce unnecessary escalation in situations, which otherwise can lead to the undesired use of lethal firearms.

Single or Multi Barrel Launchers.

The Single or multi shot anti riot gun can be loaded 1 up to 6 units of  37/38mm or 40mm rounds. It is compatible to be used with the full range of made 37/38mm or 40mm rounds. The multi shot  anti riot gun is equipped with a trigger lock for safety and a barrel release latch that can be operated from both sides of the launcher. Equipped with a stock made of advanced polymer materials as well as an ergonomic grip.



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