Body armor plates are available in a wide range of protection levels, sizes and shapes from flat or single-curved to multi-curve designed for improved body shape overlay and user comfort.

MyForm Ballistic plates are among most advanced ballistic protection solutions available on the market, providing the optimal weight to ballistic protection ratio, meeting all threat level requirements. MyForm Plates are made with the lightest available materials, Polyethylene fibers (PE), Silicon carbide (SiC) or Boron carbide (B4C). The exact material combination is driven by the protection weight ration required by the customer. The panels feature exceptionally high multi-hit capability, providing the user an outstanding degree of safety.

The plates can be used either as a stand-alone or in conjunction with NIJ level IIIA vest depending on the specific plate design. FMS plates provide NIJ level III and NIJ level III+ protection against assault rifles.


Our research & development activity is aiming for ever-increasing performance requirements in terms of protection, comfort, weight and value. Our design team, ballistics engineers and ballistics testing facility form a strong base for the creation and testing of new solutions.

MyForm Plates comply with NIJ 0101.04, NIJ 0101.06 and other leading standards

Silicon carbide (SiC) or Boron carbide (B4C)

Polyethylene fibers (PE)


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